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Crossroad Walkers in Montreal - A Picture Panoply

Dear Friends of Life,

It was a busy weekend in Montreal for the Crossroad walkers.

From Friday evening through to Monday mid-day, ten intreprid young adults brought the pro-life message to the streets and people of Montreal.

Here are a few of these moments caught on e-"celluloid":

Benjamin and all of the walkers, it was wonderfully and a blessing to have you all here.

God's speed in all that you do.

Crossroad Walkers Coming to Montreal

Dear Friends of Life,

The Crossroad Walkers will be with us this weekend.


Arriving Friday, August 8, 2014, from having spent the previous weekend in Toronto and travelling from the Queen City since then, five men and five women are bringing their witnessing for life to Montreal for four days.

While here, an assortment of activities are planned, including visiting parishes to share what it has been like leaving Vancouver this past May 24, 2014, and walking near 6000 km.

A complete outline of their time here with us reads as follows:

All are welcomed to join us to meet and congratulate these intrepid youth.

Kindly see our feature article in the August QLC newsletter for further details about these young adult and their trek.

Quebec Life Coalition Corn Roast -- August 17, 2014

Our annual corn roast will be held on Sunday, August 17, 2014. The event begins at noon and will be held on the grounds of St. Émile church – 3330 rue Rivier (corner Sherbrooke Street East and Davidson).

This year, a lecture will be given (in French) at 2 p.m., by Fr. Garrick Huang of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint-Peter. He will talk about the spiritual aspects of our efforts to restore a Culture of Life in Quebec.

RSVP on Facebook or call (514) 344-2686 or email info@cqv.qc.ca

Originally from Vancouver, BC, Fr. Garrick Huang was ordained to the priesthood as a priest of the Fraternity of Saint-Peter in May of 2010 in Denton, Nebraska. He currently works as assistant pastor at St-Irenaus of Lyons Mission in Montreal (St-Irénée Church).

Fr. Huang has frequented pro-life circles while in Vancouver, and regularly participates in Quebec Life Coalition events, notably the 40 Days for Life vigils to end abortion. His talk will be about the spiritual aspects of our effort to restore a Culture of Life in Quebec.

Hope to see many of you. Plenty of parking is available.

This event is billeted as a fundraiser and we are asking for a $10 cover charge. Children under 13 eat for free.

QLC August 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Life,

I have some wonderful news to share!

Your prayers and the work of one of our volunteers have saved the lives of twin girls.

That’s right – we can augment by two the number of babies saved by our efforts to end abortion.

I received this good news a fortnight ago. Invited to St-Joseph’s Oratory for an afternoon of prayer, I met Doris, one of the many faithful prayer warriors who attend our twice annual 40 Days for Life prayer vigil for the end of abortion.

Yet, her devotion does not end there. She also brings to her church our promotional material such as the prayer card entitled “Prayer for the End of Abortion,” placing it in a common area.

Not long ago, she told me, she had met a mom with a pair of twin at her church. The conversation turned to the pro-life material and on learning that Doris was the one responsible for having placed it, the mother thanked her profusely. On asking why, Doris learned the rest of the story.

One day, the mother, pregnant but ignorant that she was carrying twins, had a harrowing experience with her physician. Upon examination, the doctor, for various reasons, had advised her that she should abort.

Deeply saddened and not knowing quite what to do, she came across the material that Doris had left inside the church. Bolstered by what she read, she resolved then and there to carry through with the pregnancy, delighting even more so on learning that she was carrying twin girls.

Today mother and daughters are healthy and happy. Praise be to God!

This increases to five the number of babies saved during the Montreal 40 days for life prayer vigils.

(We believe that the number is greater as many women who have decided to keep their child after seeing us pray daily across the street from the Morgentaler abortion mill on Saint Joseph Blvd. East, do not slip us a word.)

Returning to Doris’ deed, I find this shows how our affirming gestures, however little these may be, can promote a culture of life.

Here’s another story about the big impact of small gestures. For some time now, Charlotte, one of our regular prayer volunteers, proudly wears the “Precious Feet” lapel pin - an exact replica of the size of the feet of a ten-week old unborn child. One day she gives hers to an acquaintance who took a fancy to it. In turn this woman was asked by a young woman about the pin she was wearing. On hearing what it was, the young lady exclaimed: “You mean to tell me that those are the actual size of the feet of my unborn child?!” At which point she renounced thoughts of aborting her child, something she was considering. Today little Samuel is the delight of many.

Small gestures – leaving leaflets at the back of a church, wearing a precious feet lapel pin, among others, are important.

God is calling each of us to participate in one way or another to build his kingdom of love. At the Quebec Life Coalition, I am privileged to hear these stories.

Thank you for supporting us both financially and through prayer in this endeavour.

For Life!

Brian Jenkins, Outreach Coordinator, Quebec Life Coalition

Calgary Herald Poll

Dear Friends of Life,

Please respond negatively to the The Calgary Herald survey on assisted suicide.

You will find the the poll under the heading "The Question of the Day," on the right hand side of the page, mid-way down.

The question reads: Are you in favour of Canada legalizing assisted dying?

Please VOTE NO. The NOs were ahead but only marginally.


QLC July 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends of Life,

I would like to begin by thanking you for your on-going support - both in prayer and financially, of this pro-life work, particularly to those who responded to QLC President Georges Buscemi’s urgent appeal of this past month. Your donations have allowed us to maintain our current staffing levels, and for this we are grateful.

Earlier this month, I experienced the proverbial “Day that I will long be remembered,” a day filled with experiences typical of why we at the Quebec Life Coalition exist.

In reverse chronological order, I would like to share these with you. First, in late afternoon I learned that Bill 52, the so called “Medical aid in dying” legislation became law. MNAs voted 96-22 in favour of permitting physicians and medical staff, for the task will befall the nurses whom the doctors will ultimately coerce, to euthanize our fellow citizens.

We had laboured long with other groups both within and outside of Quebec to thwart the bill’s passage. In February of this year, we had won a minor victory as an election call had gutted its implementation. Yet the new legislature picked up where the old left off. We will continue to fight!

Earlier that same day, I was at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital witnessing another drama in this battle for life, one involving life at its earliest stage. In the pediatric wing, I sat in wonder as technician and doctor performed an ultrasound on a five-month pregnant friend. For thirty minutes, I watched spellbound the unborn child resting in the mother’s womb.

Yet, during this scene of nascent life, death’s shadows crept in on two occasions. First, as the medical staff cautiously used its instruments to examine the child, mother and father asked whether the child was “perfect’” if there were any signs of trisomy.

On hearing this, I felt uncomfortable, wondering silently “What if there are? and “Does it matter?”

The technician’s response was negative, but had it come back Yes, what would be the child’s fate? Would it be loved?

No sooner had I gained some modicum of composure that I was startled a second time.

The staff adroitly moved the sonic probe over my friend’s abdomen gradually revealing on the video monitor the clitoral lips: it’s a girl.

The joy was obviously subdued. Mother said that she had hoped for a boy yet quickly reconciled herself. Father, on the other hand, remained unreconciled; His displeasure was palpable. Eventually, he asked “Could you be wrong?” His sullenness remained as we left the hospital and walked along Côte-des-Neiges, until we parted company.

Our expectations about life and how fragile it is were more evident from an experience earlier in the day. I had traveled to the hospital from the Morgentaler mill on Saint Joseph Blvd. There I had witnessed upwards to a dozen young ladies enter the building during my hour-long prayer vigil. That is, a dozen terminations of life over a sixty minute period in a mill open 8 hours per day, 5 days per week.

Is the battle to form a civilization of love a losing one? Amid these victories of death, you’d think so.

Yet, a different answer emerges from an event earlier on the same day. I began this day, as every other one, with the Eucharist. Here, I participate in the greatest act of sacrifice done anywhere by anyone, for all time. I witness the ultimate sign of victory, victory of life over death, of love over hate.

I then carry this victory with me and share it with those whom I meet.

Regardless of the arrival of euthanasia legislation, of the visceral reactions of parents, of the tens of women who present themselves daily at the Morgentaler mill, Christ has shown us the way to victory, to our salvation.

“O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 1 Cor 15:55

Once again, thank you for your on-going support - both in prayer and financially, of our pro-life efforts on behalf of the unborn and the vulnerable.

Yours respectfully,

Brian Jenkins,

Outreach Coordinator, Quebec Life Coalition

Workshop on Post-Abortion Healing

A workshop on post-abortion healing will be offered this coming October, 2014, and registration for the twelve available spots is underway.

The faith-based association Centre Regina Pacis is coordinating a five-day retreat set to run from Sunday, October 5 through to Thursday, October 9, 2014.

The setting will be at the Marian shrine in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Qc - Notre-Dame-du-Cap.

The facilitator, Dr. Benedetta Foa, an Italian national, has led similar workshops in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovenia, and will be flown in for this event.

The registration fee for the workshop is $300. An additional $300 will cover lodging at the shrine, breakfast included. A cafeteria is available on site for the additional meals. (The registration charge for medical doctors is $400.)

To receive further information or to register, contact either:

The workshop will be in the language of the majority with translators provided for the others.

A registration form is available here.

National March for Life - Ottawa

Call your MNA to encourage him or her to oppose the return of Bill 52, the Quebec euthanasia bill

( Liberal MP Gerry Sklavounos is part of the group of MNAs who opposed euthanasia in the past. They need your support.)

Quebec liberal party leader Philippe Couillard has promised to bring back the euthanasia bill from where it left off at the dissolution of parliament. But for this to be possible, there must be 100% unanimity among members of the parliament so as to override the disciplinary regulations which invalidates any bill not passed before the dissolution of parliament. Articles 47 and 48 of the Rules of the National Assembly are very clear about this.

The only way to override these articles is to amend the regulation, which requires the unanimous consent of the members of parliament.

Hence the importance of contacting your MNA now. Just one member is able to derail the return of Bill 52 on euthanasia and compel the National Assembly to start all over again should they wish to revisit this legislation--which they emphatically should not, unless they were to separate the palliative care part from the unwanted and dangerous euthanasia part.

Also, we need to know where YOUR MP stands on the issue of euthanasia. So please contact him or her! To find their number you can consult the internet by typing the name of your MP in a search engine. If you have a new member, you can contact his or her party for more information about how to reach your candidate.

Click the party you are looking for contact information :

Liberal Party of Quebec
Parti Québécois
Coalition Avenir Québec
Québec Solidaire

Be sure to give us answers to your MP on euthanasia. Contact Us:

(514) 344-2686
Toll Free: 1-855-996-2686

The Culture of Life in Quebec needs you !

Today begins a new online fundraising campaign for Quebec Life Coalition.

Our Website's audience has doubled each year since 2010, with 26,000 visits this April.

Now we are preparing a new website (preview below) that allow us to spread even more widely a Culture of Life in Quebec and around the world where we are read. But this web site, developed at a reduced rate by a pro-life programmer, will still cost us around $ 5,000.

We have about 500 regular readers (who visit at least once per week). If you are among them, we rely on you to give us at least $ 10, which would allow us to easily meet our goal of $ 5,000.

Don't wait, give today to Quebec Life Coalition

Dear reader, we are counting on you ! There isn't going to be "someone else" who will give to QLC in your place. If you visit our site, it is because we provide information that you can't find easily elsewhere.

But this work entails costs: at QLC we are 6 employees, including a full-time worker on the website.

Thank you for donating today to QLC

It is you who allows us to serve Quebecers news and editorials that help build a Culture of Life. For the love of life, family, faith, help us reach our goal of $ 5,000 to create a website that will further promote our message of respect for life and the family at this crucial momentl in the history of Quebec.

Thank you very much for any donation you can offer us today!

Georges Buscemi

Defund Abortion Campaign

Follow this link to learn more about our abortion defunding campaign in Quebec.

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