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Secular and religious unite against abortion

I have good news to share with you today. 

First of all, Campaign Life Coalition has launched a new website, http://www.iamahumanbeing.ca/, which provides scientific evidence that life begins at conception. The goal of this website is to help educate people on why human life should be protected from conception to natural death. Furthermore, the site also gives a description of motion M-312, a motion advanced by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth in order to re-examine section 223 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which states that a child is only human once he has completely left his mother’s womb.

I recommend the 5-minute video on the iamhumanbeing.ca homepage. Though you may have already seen various videos of children’s development in-utero, I find this one is particularly well done and quite moving. You can also explore the website further (select “Take Action” option) to find out how to get involved and contact your MP to support motion M-312.

Secondly…another new website called AbortionSafety.com is starting up April 3rd. The aim of this initiative is to inform women about the mental and physical dangers of abortion. The site is run by SecularProLife.org. It is great to see that both secular and religious organizations unite in their aim to end abortion! AbortionSafety.com will have a compilation of all abortion-related complaints to assist women in assessing the risks of having an abortion.

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