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755 $ recueillis (OBJECTIF: 5 000$) -- Il reste 13 jours -- Merci de votre générosité !

Georges BuscemiCher ami, chère amie de la Vie,

Merci de nous aider, à ce moment critique pour notre société, à bâtir une culture de Vie. Donnez généreusement.

Georges Buscemi, Président

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How safe is abortion? Visit Abortionsafety.com

I invite you all to visit a new US pro-life site, abortionsafety.com. I am impressed with the work that has gone into collecting data for this site. Abortionsafety.com seeks to raise awareness of the risks and dangers of abortion for women. The site includes a compilation of many abortion malpractice cases recorded across the United States.

Women considering abortion should take a look at this site beforehand as it highlights many of the potential problems following abortion. The website includes a map of the United States- you can click on the state you live on or may travel to for an abortion to check if any of the clinics or doctors in the area have been accused of malpractice.

Abortionsafety.com also discusses alternatives to abortions and makes references to organizations that can help you locate a pregnancy resource centre across the U.S. Now if only there were something like this in Quebec... 


More than ever, Quebec needs Quebec Life Coalition. This spring, Quebec Life Coalition needs you. Thank-you for making a donation.

Campagne de financement automne 2018. Merci de nous aider avec un don spécial. L'objectif est de 5000$.


Merci de nous aider à dénoncer les dérives de notre époque et à présenter les solutions.

755 $ recueillis (OBJECTIF: 5 000$) -- Il reste 13 jours -- Merci de votre générosité !

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