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Le député Maurice Vellacott dénonce la sauvagerie infligée aux 491 bébés nés vivants, morts des blessures d'avortements ratés

Un communiqué de presse  du 10 décembre 2012, malheureusement uniquement en anglais, du député Maurice Vellacott, vient dénoncer avec vigueur le sort de 491 bébés nés vivants, entre l'an 2000 et 2009 au Canada, mais morts quelques temps après des suites de leurs blessures dûs à des avortements ratés!

(Le député Maurice Vellacott)

Voici un extrait ( en anglais), de ce communiqué :


OTTAWA – Recently MP Maurice Vellacott was shocked to the core and greatly saddened by information researcher Patricia Maloney provided at http://run-with-life.blogspot.ca/2012/10/lateterm-abortions-statistics-b... under the heading “Late term abortions statistics – born alive.”
From 2000 to 2009 in Canada, there were 491 abortions, of 20 weeks gestation and greater, that resulted in live births. This means that the aborted child died after it was born. These abortions are 
coded as P96.4 or “Termination of pregnancy, affecting fetus and newborn”.
This number does not include late term abortions that are born dead (still births).
Based on Section 223(2) of the Criminal Code, there should be 491 homicide investigations or prosecutions in connection with these deaths. Section 223(2) of the Criminal Code reads “A person 
commits homicide when he causes injury to a child before or during its birth as a result of which the child dies after becoming a human being.” That is to say, anyone who interferes with a pregnancy 
such that the child dies after it is born alive due to that interference is guilty of homicide.
Vellacott grieves those little ones, and says, “How revolting that such savagery could be inflicted on defenseless little babies in a civilized country like Canada. How blinded can we be?”

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