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Pierre Elliot Trudeau n'aurait pu faire partie du Parti Libéral du Canada de son fils Justin

Sur le site Socon or bust du 20 juin 2014, cette citation (en anglais) de Pierre Elliot Trudeau :

(Son père n'aurait pu être député de « son » parti)

(Photo : ycanada_news sur flickr.com, licence creative commons)



You know, at some point you are killing life in the foetus in self-defence – of what?  Of the mother’s health or her happiness or of her social rights or her privilege as a human being?  I think she should have to answer for it and explain.  Now, whether it should be to three doctors or one doctor or to a priest or a bishop or to her mother-in-law is a question you might want to argue …. You do have a right over your own body – it is your body.  But the foetus is not your body; it’s someone else’s body.  And if you kill it, you’ll have to explain.”

The Rt. Hon. Pierre E. Trudeau, PC, QC, MP Prime Minister of Canada The Montreal Star, Thursday, May 25, 1972

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