Our Mission

Quebec Life Coalition (known in French as Campagne Québec-Vie) is the Quebec division of Campaign Life Coalition, a pan-Canadian pro-life organisation. We advocate respect for human life from conception until natural death and we defend human rights and family values. Our advocacy work includes:

  • Lobbying government to enact laws that are consistent with our goal to protect Canadians of all ages and of all abilities;
  • Publishing original research and articles on life issues;
  • Promoting adoption and natural birth regulation;
  • Educating both the government and the general public on abortion, embryonic stem-cell research, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and other threats to human rights and human dignity;
  • Organising public demonstrations of solidarity with the unborn and their families, such as yearly Ottawa March for Life and the twice-yearly 40 Days for Life 40-day prayer vigil;
  • Networking with groups in Quebec who share our values and our goals, and who believe, as we do, that every human life should be cherished.

Defund Abortion Campaign

Follow this link to learn more about our abortion defunding campaign in Quebec.

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