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516 $ recueillis (OBJECTIF: 3 500$) -- Il reste 11 jours ! Merci de votre générosité.

Georges BuscemiCher ami, chère amie de la Vie,

Très peu d'organismes d'ici n'ont à la fois la liberté et la conviction pour jouer le rôle essentiel d’éclaireur des consciences sur les enjeux pro-vie et pro-famille. Mais Campagne Québec-Vie ne peut accomplir ce travail sans vous. Merci de donner !

Pour la Vie,

Georges Buscemi, Président

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"The ‘Safe, Legal, Rare’ Illusion" - a recommended article

The idea that contraception lowers abortion rates seems like a nice idea for Liberal leaders...but it doesn't seem to map out that way in reality. According to the recent New York Times article "The ‘Safe, Legal, Rare’ Illusion" by Ross Douthat, liberal states do not do better than conservative states in preventing teenage pregnancy. On the contrary, abortion rates are frequently higher in liberal states than conservatives states (the author cites that in New-York, two in five pregnancies end in abortion). 

Is it worthwhile to rethink social policy? Most people agree that they would like to see abortion rates go down...so, what is the best approach? I recommend this article- though it isn't big on statistics, it is published in a popular left-winged newspaper and nonetheless makes the case that maybe conservatives who advocate a return to family values, marriage, and chastity are not as "crazy" as many think. Finally, if lack of access to contraceptives is not the main reason for the number of children aborted every year, shouldn't we be thinking whether the current model of sex and pregnancy is to blame (not to mention the flawed view of the human dignity of the unborn child)? 

Campagne de financement automne 2017. Merci de nous aider à être des éclaireurs des consciences L'objectif est de 3500$.

éclaireurs des consciences

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516 $ recueillis (OBJECTIF: 3 500$) -- Il reste 11 jours ! Merci de votre générosité.

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